I'm Just Sayin     

  Classic Rock and a whole lot More!!!



Bryan Lee is a longtime lead guitar player who now takes on the lead singing role as well. Having played in numerous electric and acoustic bands in the mid-Atlantic region, Bryan brings a diverse interest and love of all music. Influences include: Rush, Grateful Dead, Steely Dan, Allman Brothers, Frank Zappa, and all things New Orleans.

Joe Donadio has been playing the drums since the age of five. A native New Yorker, He has performed in orchestras, marching bands, Jazz bands, recorded as a studio drummer, and has played up and down the east coast with rock bands like Greasy Fingers, Random Abstract, and Section 8 just to name a few. Joe’s musical interests include Rock, Jazz, R&B, The Blues, Classical or basically what ever is on that he can tap his foot to. Joe is what we call a “Pocket Drummer” playing behind the beat with a fresh improvisational style.

                           Scott Bohandy has been playing music since his early teens. Not only does he play bass, but he also takes on lead vocals for select songs and even picks up and acoustic guitar on occasions. Scott studied music composition in college. He has played with No Surprise, SAT, Blues Deluxe, Highwire, Ivy Mike, and now I’m Just Sayin’. Scott’s influences include classic rock, funk, blues, jazz and metal. Improvisational bands such as The Grateful Dead and Phish spearhead his approach to playing with “I’m Just Sayin”

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